5 Surprising health benefits of coffee


If you could be resisting the urge of heating your bloodstream with good amount of caffeine, you should not be worried. It is really a good thing to have the caffeine in your bloodstream. However, this should taking place at a reasonable time just before you go to bed. Ideally having your coffee at 2 pm. This is because coffee has a life of 8 to 10 hours. You do not need to take a whole pot in a day. You should also make sure that the coffee that you make is made freshly using a good coffee machine. You can find Nuova Simonelli in UAE. Below are some of the health benefits of the coffee;


  1. Reduces diseases causing inflammation

Coffee reduces by a big percentage the diseases causing inflammation and gets bad at the old age. The coffee caffeine has got some amazing influence to your immune system. The caffeine blocks some receptors in the brain cell that is how the coffee contains the stimulating wake up effect. Further, these receptors also block pathways, which could produce inflammatory molecules.

The researchers discovered this. Therefore, as you get old do not avoid taking coffee. The study has proven that many old men and women who takes caffeine, they have less chances of inflammatory molecules. They also have low blood pressure, and arteries are more flexible. Many old people who lived past 90 years old took the caffeine quite regularly.


  1. Protect ticker

Any person who claims to be very serious as far as the health is concerned, must be knowing the great importance of having a healthy cardiovascular. The only thing that you could know is that it comes with having 1 to 2 glasses of coffee in a day. When you take the coffee, you might be reducing the chances of having a cardiac arrest related death.

A Japanese study showed more than 76000 people who get to this spot; they normally consume 1 to 2 cups of coffee in a day. With this, they reduce the chances of dying from the cardiac arrest related diseases.


  1. Mental Sharpness

You could not be generally, powerless in avoiding mental decline. However, according to the research coffee is capable of boosting the brain. It was discovered that people who consume 3 or 5 glasses of coffee in a given day, they could have greatly reduced their chance of having Alzheimer disease.


  1. Prevents Diabetes

Shocking news of 11.8% of the American men past 20 years old are victims of diabetes. Therefore, it has become a very big concern in the medical department. Doctors have shown that many of their patients are suffering from the disease.

In the year 1986 to 1998 the researchers of the Harvard University tracked the consumption of the coffee and the occurrence of types of diabetes in over 40000 men. They successfully discovered that, those people who take coffee quite often reduce the possibility of having the diabetes. The statistics also proved that, the more they took the coffee the more the chances of getting sick diminished.


  1. Limit daily pain

You could be experiencing some pain typically after the working during the day. That is not quite usual. However, what becomes more exciting is how people feel soon after having a glass of coffee. Generally, there is reason for this.

The researchers of Norwegian, found that 48 people who are typically working in an office and they consume coffee, they less complained of being in pain. However, those that worked and never took coffee complained of having a lot of pain. Therefore, when working in the office consider having a cup of coffee. You will also feel quite rejuvenated.

Nevertheless, if you want to reduce the risk of death, researchers found out that drinking coffee is a major reason. The research was conducted out of 400,000 people. The more the number of coffee cups you took determined the rate at which you reduced the risk. Taking 4 to 5 cups of coffee in a day was considered as the greatest reduction of the risk by 12%.

Therefore, regardless of the age, it is very important to make sure you take 2 cups of coffee. You will be reducing the risk of getting many types of diseases. A great attention should be given to the old people. If we can highly practice the taking of coffee daily, we can put away with quite a number of some diseases. Indeed coffee is a good medicine that we should not ignore at any given time.

5 Surprising health benefits of berries


If you enjoy eating berries as a snack or as a part of a big meal, you may be interested in knowing how these little small berries are aiding you in your health. Even though berries are a tasty treat that is easily added to a cup of yogurt for the complementary flavor or consumed alone one at a time, these little berries carry a big punch in improving one’s overall health. Also, because berries are a tasty and sweet fruit, people usually add them wherever they desire, even as a way to start their day off with a sweet treat.

Having said that, here are 5 surprising benefits of eating berries.

Great for keeping the stomach full — essential nutrients for the body

Though berries are small in diameter and light in weight, they are great for helping people to control an insatiable appetite. Fresh or frozen, they contain essential nutrients that provide the body with what it needs and is a great source of phytochemicals. So, it is important to note that phytochemicals are needed for protecting the cells from damage. Therefore, if you want to know which berries are included in this bunch, you will find that the blackberry, strawberry, raspberry and the blueberry are all legal for giving the body what it needs.

Recommended for Mental Sharpness – Fights Against Illnesses like Alzheimer

As people grow older in age, there are some abilities that they may lose as they age. One of the most essential is their ability to be mentally sharp at all times. In fact, over time it is considered to a relatively common part of the aging process in the U.S. and other countries today. However, when people are aware of the things that they can do to keep these problems at bay, they can take action proactively. So, for those who want to know what you may need to add to your diet, you may want to think positivity about adding strawberries, blackberries, raspberries and other berries to your daily diet plan. This is because eating berries have been traced to keeping the brains mental functions sharp and healthy. According to Elizabeth Devore, Brigham and Women’s hospital, the compounds that’s found in strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are attributing to crossing the blood brain barriers to better mental nutrition.

Helps with the Management of Diabetes and associated symptoms

There are certain foods that diabetics cannot eat without experiencing spikes in their sugar levels. As a result, there are foods that they are instructed to stay away from. Many of which contain lots of sugar. So, people who like to eat sweets are often forced to abstain from these special treats. Fortunately, there are some sweets that diabetics can consume in limited quantities. One of which is from the berry group since they are naturally sweet and possess the fiber the body needs. Therefore, fresh strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries can be added to these meals safely, and they are also great for providing an extra boost of energy.

Great for keeping the Heart Healthy and Fit

According to information published by PLos Medicine, berries are considered to be a great source of nutrition for the heart. So, it is also highly recommended as heart-healthy option for eating meals. In fact, this fruit is one that people can begin to load up on to protect their heart. Specifically, since strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries can all be eaten on regular basis to nurture the heart and protect it from heart attacks.

Lowers Blood Pressure

With so many people having problems with high blood pressure numbers, finding things to assist them with eliminating these illnesses and disease is not always easy. Therefore, when you hear that there are foods, fruits and vegetables that can lower blood pressure instead of raising, it is not uncommon for people to search and find out where they are. So, for those of you who enjoy eating your blackberries, strawberries, raspberries and other berries too, you will be happy to know that this is not a fruit that has be completely eliminated from the diet. Instead, you can take advantage of its high anti-oxidant properties that helps to regulate the blood pressure.

5 Health Benefits of Oranges

Oranges is a fruit that can be eaten all year long. In fact, is not uncommon for moms and dads to place oranges on the shopping list for their entire family to eat on a regular basis. While some families may believe in starting their day with a freshly squeezed glass of orange juice at the breakfast table, others may simply place an orange in their lunch box to be eaten mid-day. Whatever the preference, this is a great habit that is often richly rewarded in health benefits. Specifically, since oranges have a wide range of benefits including the 5 provided for you below.

Boosts the Body’s Immune System

An Orange is not only a good tasting fruit that people can eat in virtually any form, they also a great for keeping healthy and fit throughout the year. This is because oranges are packed with Vitamin C so people will eat them freely, especially during cold and flu season. This is because oranges are already commonly known for helping the body to fight off various kinds of bacteria, viruses and other foreign invaders that try to attack the body’s immune system. Because oranges also contain the essential nutrients to produce more white blood cells, they are very essential in anyone diet program. It is also important to note that oranges promote a healthy immune system since they contain folate, copper, and Vitamin A. Therefore, the orange can even be compared to the super foods that people purchase regularly.

Oranges Help to Lower Cholesterol in the Body

Eating the right foods to lower the cholesterol is a necessity and not a luxury today. In fact, if people want to minimize their risks of having a stroke or a heart attack, it is very important that they eat the foods that will help to achieve their personal health goals and objectives. With this being said, oranges are great to add to the family’s list of favorite healthy breakfast foods and snacks.

It is also important to note that oranges are also recorded as being a fruit that lowers cholesterol levels in the body too. In fact, one of the primary reasons for an orange aiding in the body’s proper functioning is that this fruit does not contain any cholesterol for people to consume. Additionally, people should also know that the Vitamin C in an orange is what classifies this fruit as an antioxidant. Therefore, the nutrition in an orange can greatly contribute to its ORAC value that is presently known to be noted at 2,103. ORAC is the acronym that stands for the name Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity. For instance, the ORAC is what scientists are currently utilizing to determine the level of antioxidant in the body. So, oranges are also known for having very great cardiovascular benefits for those that eat them on a daily basis.

Lowers Blood Pressure

People who suffer from high blood pressure eat foods that do not raise their blood pressure. In fact, if people want to remain healthy and fit, they will even seek out the foods that improve the body’s health. For instance, the orange is presently known for being a food that will help to naturally lower the blood pressure. This is because the orange contains a substance called herperidin flavanone, which is an element that has been found to lower blood pressure in humans.

Additionally, even though oranges are a great source of nutrition for aiding in this area, it is important to make sure that oranges are consumed in the right form. For instance, when people juice their oranges, they do not get the full benefits of lowering the blood pressure, especially since the actual ingredients needed from the orange is found in the flesh of the orange that’s on the inside. For instance, to get the proper health benefits from the orange, you will need to eat the white pulpy part that is described as the flesh.

Blood Sugar Regulator

High in fiber and sweet, oranges can be an ideal fruit for people to eat, including a diabetic. Therefore, when people want to eat something sweet as a treat, they may simply reach for an orange to kill the sweet craving. With the all natural fructose in the orange, the person will not have a chance to spike their sugar levels like a candy bar, ice cream or other unnatural sweet processed foods that’s on the shelves today. Simply put, the orange can be a diabetics treat since it is desert that people can eat without suffering from high sugar levels.

Prevents Stomach Cancer and Ulcers

According to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, the orange is not only an aid in preventing stomach cancer but prevents painful stomach ulcers from forming too. In fact, based on these studies, those people who did not eat high enriched Vitamin C diets were much more likely to suffer from ulcers that formed in the stomach because of the deficiency in Vitamin C.


5 Surprising health benefits of Avocado

Some foods are ranked high on the list of healthy foods. Especially, when they are packed with nutritional value that it is good for the body. Having said that, the avocado has earned its place and can hold its high ranking over other foods with exceptional nutritional value. However, before loading up your car with avocados for your family, it is important that you know that there are different kinds of avocados that exist today. One of the most popular that many people are eating in their dishes and as a side dish too is the Hass Avocado. The Hass Avocado is loaded with a wide variety of different benefits including the following 5 health benefits.

Healthy for the Heart

Because of all the problems that people are having with heart problems today, some people are doing everything that can to eat foods that improve the overall function of the heart. In addition to exercising regularly in the gym or on the outside, eating the right foods can help to eliminate a wide range of health problems. This is why so many people are beginning to add avocados to their diet regimens regularly, especially since this food is considered to be an all natural cholesterol regulator. This is especially true because the avocado contains beta-sitoserol which is an all natural solution for mainlining safe cholesterol levels.

Osteoporosis Prevention

As women and men begin to age, they may begin to experience problems with weak bones. In some cases, the physician may recommend a prescription to assist with the problems that the person is experiencing. While the meds that they prescribe may be helpful to their condition, they may only treat the symptoms of the problems instead of providing a cure. With this in mind, if you are looking for a natural remedy that will cure this condition, you may want to add avocados to your recipes. This is because the avocado is highly recommended for osteoporosis. The high recommendations are normally made because one avocado hold approximately 50% of the daily value of vitamin K. Vitamin K is beneficial for a number of different health reasons including being essential for bone health.

Improved Digestive Systems

Many people suffer from indigestion and other related problems. Some of these problems can be traced back directly to the foods that people are eating. This is because some of the foods consumed regularly may be wreaking havoc on an individual’s health. On the other hand, there are foods that actually aid in the digestion process. In fact, one of the most beneficial in this area is the avocado since it can help to clear up digestive problems in a number of ways. For instance, the avocado is good for preventing constipation, lowering the risks of colon cancer and aiding in maintaining a healthy digestive system.

Aids in Dental Care

The avocado is a considered to be a beneficial aid for many different health problems, even problems with dental care. Because the avocado is great for the digestive system and killing bacteria in the body, it is also beneficial for addressing problems with bad breath. In fact, when people introduce a diet of avocado into their regular diet programs, they can eliminate the problems that they have in side of their mouth. In addition to solving bad breath problems, avocado is known for help to prevent oral cancers. A big part of getting rid of illnesses and disease is also traced to the antioxidant flavonoids that this food contains.

Improves Eye Care

It is not uncommon for people to begin to have vision problems at one point in time in their life. Growing older and spending too much time on a computer are issues of concern that can cause a wide range of eye care concerns. Because of the essential ingredients that the avocado contains, people can begin to protect their eye health by eating it regularly. This is because this fruit is known for all of its loads of nutrients and special carotenoids. Both of which are keys components that can neutralize many of the negative effects that people suffer from when the dangerous free radicals affect their body. So, for those that want to protect their eyes naturally, this is great solution for preventing unnecessary illnesses and disease.

5 surprising health benefits of cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is also known as cantloup, cantelope, honeydew, muskmelon, or cucumis melon a species in family cucurbitacae. Its weight ranges from 5kg to 500g. Cantaloupe is an orange fleshed, netted melon. It contain more nutrients and less calories. It’s concentrated with high levels of dietary fiber, vitamin C, folic acid and beta-carotene. It also has high levels of thiamine, pyridoxine, pantothenic and niacin. It is highly concentrated with anti-oxidants which are vital in prevention of heart disease and cancer. To obtain the best cantaloupe, select those with a blemish free skin, firm and with even netting. To preserve them, the uncut cantaloupe should be washed under running water and refrigerated. These fruits are available in the market throughout the year. Below are the 5 surprising health benefits of cantaloupe.

Awesome hydrators

Great news for the parents with children who refuse to drink water. Cantaloupe contain ninety percent water though their subtle and refreshing taste cloaks the water content. This fruit is therefore a good lunch box snack for both you and your kids during the warmer months. This will help you get fuel enough and well hydrated for any activity.

Cantaloupe has beta-carotene

Beta-carotene is a nutrient which magically gives fruits their respective colors. Talk of sweet potatoes, oranges, pumpkins, and carrots among others. Rock melon however contains about 30 times beta-carotene as compared to oranges. This nutrient has proved to be so important to children in that it is a precursor to vitamin A. Cantaloupe can therefore boast all the various functions of vitamin A such as lowering the risk of developing heart disease, cancer, cataracts in the eyes and decreased inflammation. In addition, these fruits have good taste.

Packed with nutrients

Cantaloupes are the best source of potassium and vitamin A and C. These minerals are essential for water balance in the body and are found in body cells. Vitamin A is vital for skin growth, cell growth, cell division, bone growth, good vision and supports your body’s immune system by improving the lymphocytes. A 240 grams cantaloupe contains 20% vitamin A which is the recommended daily intake. In addition, cantaloupe has a good level of both vitamin B6 and C. The ascorbic acid is well known for boosting of the immune system and iron absorption. Its seeds are loaded with magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, vitamin E and antioxidants. They are also good for flu and cold season. Magnesium regulates blood pressure, improves bone density, cardiovascular function and reduces the danger of developing type 2 diabetes. Cantaloupe has been used for the treatment of depression, migraines and insomnia. Cantaloupe seed consumptions are endless. You can consume them raw or even roast in the oven. My preferred consumption of cantaloupe seed is tossing them into a smoothie.

Cantaloupe also serve as anti-coagulant. This is a rare compound which helps in the minimization of the blood viscosity hence prevent the formation of blood clots in cardiovascular system. It also prevents arteriosclerosis, a condition caused by the hardening of the blood vessels hindering the transportation of blood and oxygen to the other parts of the body. This rare fruit also reduces menstruation problems and heavy clotting in women. It is therefore advisable for the ladies to drink cantaloupe juice around their menstruation time. This will reduce the sudden and involuntary contraction of one’s muscle. Cantaloupe has high content of folate which prevent neural tube defects and miscarriage in women. It also help in the synthesis of collage hence help your skin look bright and appear glowing.

Helps maintain a balanced cholesterol level

Cholesterol is a fat-like, waxy substance made in the cells and the liver. It is also found in foods such as meat, eggs and dairy products. The body require a limited amount of cholesterol for proper functioning. However, when it is too much, it leads to development of health problems such as heart disease. Eating cantaloupe which is high in anti-oxidant fight oxidative stress which is the main cause of the oxidization of LDL in the blood.

Maintains healthy pregnancy

Folic acid prevents the development of neural tube defects to infants. Folate also helps to prevent miscarriage and birth defects such as spina bifida hence pregnant women are advised to frequently consume cantaloupe which are rich in folic acid, a soluble form of vitamin B.

5 surprising health benefits of cranberry


Cranberries are types of berries packed with nutritional and health benefits. They are generally used as a healthy snack, can be made into a smoothie, and used as a sauce in deserts or even blend with alcoholic drinks. Conversely, cranberries add more than flavor to a dish. They are the powerhouse to many disease preventing compounds and protective phytonutrients. In addition, they act as health oxidants, rich source of calcium, vitamin A, C, fiber, beta-carotene, phosphorus and sodium. This makes it a very healthy fruit. This fruit is healthy to the body even when dried. The following are the 5 surprising health benefits of the cranberries, the sour and sweet fruit.

Prevent diseases

Cranberries are effective for the prevention of prostrate, colon and breast cancer. Proanthocyanidins and flavonoid quercetin are compounds present in the cranberry which inhibit the growth of cancer cells in one’s body. These healthy fruits also help lower the cholesterol levels in the body hence reduces the risk of heart attacks. They generally work by inhibiting the oxidation of LDL which is the bad cholesterol and the clotting of blood. Regular consumption of cranberries help in the prevention of heart diseases and high blood pressure. These berries are also the cure of urinary tract infections in women. The cranberry juice enters the women’s urinary track, inhibits the entry of bacteria and kills it. It also helps kill the bacteria H. pylori hence prevents it from sticking on the stomach walls. This is the bacterial responsible for peptic stomach ulcers.

Cranberries also have health benefits such as the prevention of mouth odor, cavity and plaque. This is mostly effective when fresh cranberries are crewed. They have chemicals which prevent bacterial from sticking on your teeth. These fruits are also good for your eyes. They protect your eyes from disorders and diseases such as diabetic retinopathy, muscular degeneration and cataracts. These fruits have also been used for weight loss. These fruits have the ability to burn fats in the body hence help in shedding weight. Cranberries are also known for the treatment of kidney stones. It has quinic acid which is responsible for the prevention of biding together of phosphate and calcium. These are chemicals responsible for the formation of kidney stones. Cranberry juice also cures sore throat and cold problems. They are also good for healthy of teeth and bones.

Reduce inflammation

Inflammation has been the main cause of health conditions such as Alzheimer’s or arthritis. However, cranberries are naturally anti-inflammatory. Drinking two glasses of cranberry juice per day helps fight inflammation. Polyphenols in cranberries interact with other bio active compounds hence suppress the cells which simulate inflammation in our bodies. This greatly boots our body’s immune system.

Happy tummy

pylori, the bacteria which sticks on bladder walls also clasp the stomach lining and cause gastric ulcers or even worse stomach ulcers. This generates more stomach pains. Research has shown that polyphenols cranberry protects stomach ulcers. This study was conducted on mice. They were fed on high sugar, high fat diet, and a cranberry extract for about eight weeks. This mice had a gut microbiome which changed for better. This cranberry extract did not only lower insulin sensitivity and glucose level but also increased the amount of good bacteria in the mice’s stomach. These good bacteria help the diabetics in a better glucose metabolisation. This can too be done on the human body.

Keep the mind sharp

Cranberries have nutrients which helps keep your brain from memory loss. These two nutrients do this by neutralizing the harmful free radicals which cause brain inflammation and DNA damage increasing the risk of developing Alzheimer’s. Vitamin C present in the cranberries help in the production of norepinephrine. This is a neurotransmitter responsible for the communication in brain cells and improves function and movement control. This vitamin is best obtained when the cranberries are dried or taken fresh. This is mainly done to help obtain most benefits with less sugar. These cranberries can be taken as a salad to help boost the brain.

Fewer wrinkles

Anthocyanins and PACs present in cranberries gives them their characteristic bright red color. However, they are also responsible for the promotion of collagen production which gives your skin a youthful glow and maintains it tight. These berries also protect your skin against inflammation.

Why Eating Apples is Good for You

Apples are the most cultivated fruits worldwide. Their consumption rate is also high. What many people do not know is that the old proverb about fruit in a day might be right. It is important to acquaint yourself with the health benefits an apple can befit to you. In today’s world, an apple ranks first as a medically healthy food. Apples harbor antioxidants in abundant. Antioxidants serve to neutralize free radical hence preventing damage to cells.

Even so, apples are not an abundant source of Vitamin C. They are rich in phenolic acids and flavonoid. These phytonutrients equate taking fruits such as oranges for Vitamin C. Both the antioxidant and phytonutrient properties of an apple are essential in the prevention of hypertension, cancer, diabetes, heart diseases and obesity.

Some of the reasons why eating apples are good for you includes;

Improvement of Neurological Health

Quercin is an antioxidant found in apples. A recent study that got published in the Experimental Biology and Medicine journal 2006 showed that quercin helps reduce cellular death. Cellular death may result due to oxidation and inflammation of the neurons. Another study At Cornell University has shown that quercin, found in apples protects mice from developing Alzheimer’s disease. The study also proved that consumption of apple juice leads to increased production of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the brain. Acetylcholine enhances improved memory for mice having Alzheimer’s symptoms.

Lowering the Levels of Bad Cholesterol

High levels of flavonoids in an apple prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Flavonoids also prevent the clumping of platelets. Thus, reducing the chances of a heart attack due to high levels of cholesterol. Also, pectin in apples lowers bad cholesterol levels in the body. It is advisable to take at least two apples in a day. The apple helps decrease high levels of cholesterol to about sixteen percent. Increased intake of apples also lowers the risks of stroke. Those people who take a lot of apples for the past thirty years has a lower rate of exposure to stroke. Researchers have concluded; consumption of apples results in reduced exposure to thrombotic stroke.

Diabetes Management

Pectin in apples serves to dispense galacturonic acid. Galacturonic acid lowers the body’s requirements for insulin. Thus, an apple helps to manage diabetes. Studies have also shown that consumption of at least three apples per week reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Incorporation of an apple in other fruits such as grapes, blueberries and pear lower the risk by seven percent.

Prevention of Cancer

Research has shown that continuous intake of apples or their extracts have helped ward off lung, breast, liver, and colon cancer. A study proved that out of ten thousand people, those who consume apples more often, have a fifty percent reduced risk to lung cancer. The plenty amounts of flavonoid quercin and naringin in apples have helped lower the risk.

A study at Cornell University showed that mice that fed on one apple per day had seventeen percent reduced risk to breast cancer. Those that took two apples had thirty-nine percent reduced risk to breast cancer whereas, those that took at least six apples per day had a forty-four percent lowered risk to breast cancer. Therefore, the more the apples, the less the risk of developing breast cancer.

Researchers found out that rats fed on skin extracts from an apple had forty-three percent reduced risk for developing colon cancer. Pectin in apples also has proved to reduce the development of colon cancer and Thus, helps maintain a healthy digestive system. More so, researchers have shown that apple skin extracts reduce the chances of developing liver cancer by fifty-seven percent.

Prevents Asthma
Studies have shown that children with asthma who took apple juice mostly, exhibited less wheezing compared to those who did not take apple juice often. A Child who is born by a woman who fed on plenty of apples during gestation has fewer chances of developing asthma. However, children whose mothers never had an apple diet has a high risk of developing asthma.

Prevents Obesity
Eating an apple before having a heavy meal helps on to lose weight. An apple fills you up hence a satisfying feeling. By this, it serves to regulate the number of calories absorbed from the ingested food. Therefore, prevents the accumulation of excess bad cholesterols in the body.

For maximum nutritional and health benefits from an apple, they should be taken raw when fresh. They can also be blended, dried or even cooked. A cloudy apple juice warrants a high concentration of antioxidants. The apple should be cleaned and consumed with its skin. Hence, increasing its cancer-fighting strength.

Top Health Benefits of Integrating Mangoes to One’s Everyday Diet

It is not a secret that fruits are good for one’s health, but some of them have more benefits than others; take mangoes, as the perfect example of this statement. This particular fruit it highly recommended by nutritionists around the globe, hence why numerous men and women have already integrated it to their daily diets. Due to it tasting so good, it is definitely not a difficult task to eat it every day.

Keeps Serious Illnesses at Bay

Mangoes are structured with several antioxidants, including methyl gallate, gallic acid, astragalin, fisetin, isoquercitrin, and quercetin. In conjunction, they are able to protect the internal system from serious illnesses that in some instances are classified as terminal, including leukemia, prostate cancer, colon cancer, and even breast cancer. If one of these sicknesses is already present in one’s body, eating mangoes can still aid in a very meaningful way in combating it.

Helps to Maintain & Regulate

Eating this fruit also aids in maintaining cholesterol level in the safe zone, as it has a high-level of pectin and vitamin C. On top of this, mangoes can regulate diabetes. Since this fruit contains a low-glycemic index, one does not have to worry about a spike on one’s blood sugar level.

Keeps Skin Looking Flawless

Eating mangoes every day will prompt a skin cleanse, which will start from the inside. The phrase ‘you are what you eat’ is very true. If you are suffering from blemishes, such as acne, this fruit can aid in making them issues of the past once and for all. Pores will be treated, and thus, a fabulous glow will always be reflected.

Improves Eyesight

Since mangoes have a significant amount of vitamin A, it is the ideal edible to intake in order to improve eyesight. Recent studies showcase that eating mangoes frequently can aid in preventing dry eyes and even night blindness, two issues that affect millions of individuals around the globe every day.

Helps with Weight-Loss

A mango is saturated with essential vitamins and nutrients, making one feel very full, even if only one has been eaten. Since it has fibrous content, there is a boost that occurs with one’s digestive function, and thus, calories are easily burned, making one lose undesirable weight in a short period of time.

Keeps Heatstroke at Bay

During the summer, millions of people become victims of a heatstroke, which is not surprising at all. During this season, temperatures commonly go through the roof. Doctors have always recommended to intake a lot of water to keep refreshed, as well as eating mangoes. Yes, this fruit is able to cool one down in a timely fashion manner. It provides you with that ‘refreshing’ feeling you desire during this hot season.

Memory & Concentration Boost

For those individuals who have memory and concentration issues, mangoes are a must-have. Studies indicate that eating mangoes on a daily basis can help in alleviating these matters in a meaningful way, hence why before taking a test, many students opt to eat them.

Aids with Vitamin Deficiencies

Since there are a lot of vitamins present in mangoes, they can help individuals who are suffering deficiencies in this area, especially if they are low in vitamin A and vitamin C. Even so, it is important to note that depending on the level of deficiency, a doctor-recommended supplement might be a required integration. Mangoes will definitely give this matter a boost for the better.

Promotes Healthy Pregnancy

It is common for pregnant women to be told by their doctors that they need to take into account several iron requirements to have a healthy pregnancy. Besides the prescribed tablets, eating mangoes can also help, as they are rich in iron.

Take Advantage of These Benefits Today!

The previously mentioned are the top health benefits that an individual can garner by integrating mangoes to their everyday diet. Contrary to popular belief, eating mango peels are of no benefit, just the fruit itself is. Go ahead and take advantage of all of these benefits today so that you, too, can give your health a boost in a significant way both internally and externally. As you can already conclude, it is possible. It is up to you to make it happen!

Benefits of Bananas

You have probably heard of the recommendation that you should eat five fruits and vegetables per day. Bananas are an excellent choice as one of your five per day. They contain a high amount of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs and will provide you with many health benefits.

Bananas are high calories. According to some research, every 100 grams of bananas contains as much as 378 joules. In some tropic areas, people feed themselves on bananas. But there are hidden dangers if you eat too many bananas. This fruit also enjoys high reputation for its varied nutrition. There are about 20 grams of carbohydrates, 1.2 grams of proteins, 0.6 grams of fat and other various kinds of minerals and vitamins in every 100 grams of bananas. Of all the nutrition, vitamins overwhelm the others. For instance, vitamin A can promote the growth of the human body and improve the human body’s immune system. It is necessary to maintain the procreation and protect the eyes. And thiamine is useful to prevent and cure the beriberi and protect the nervous system as well. Moreover, the riboflavin helps with the growth and development of children.

Bananas are ready to serve as a kind of fruit. They can be processed as well. For example, cooked bananas are made into powders and then used as additives in cakes and bread. Or after fermented, people can extract alcohol from them or produce banana wine. Mature bananas are also processed into preserved fruit, juice or essence. Furthermore, the nutritious stems, sprouts, and buds are ideal succulence for pigs. The stems are sometimes used in paper-making and weaving for their rich fibers.

Every year, the exchange of bananas throughout the world amounts to 10 million tons. The biggest exporter in China is the province of Taiwan. Its bananas are mostly exported to Japan. However, the provinces in the mainland have seldom exported bananas to foreign markets in the recent twenty to thirty years. It is because that the planting techniques drop behind. Another reason is that the processing, packing, shipping and promoting procedures do not reach the international standard. If these provinces make great efforts to change the current situations and poor techniques, the Chinese bananas will have the opportunities to be put on the foreign market.

Firstly, bananas contain tryptophan which can improve your mood and ease depression. Tryptophan is an amino acid and is a antecedent to serotonin, which assists maintain your mood and make you feel calmer. The body can not create tryptophan naturally, so the only way to get it is through your diet. Consuming a banana is one of the simplest ways to get tryptophan and an excellent way to avoid depression.

Bananas contain a high amount of vitamin B6 which plays an important role in many of the functions of the human body. A medium sized banana will provide you with about 20% of the daily recommended intake. Vitamin B6 has anti-inflammatory properties that can promote better cardiovascular health and prevent type 2 diabetes. The vitamin is also necessary to convert tryptophan into serotonin. Additionally, it plays an important role in the creation of white blood cells, which is needed by the immune system to fight infections.

Bananas can have positive effects on your digestive system and reduce the effects of both diarrhea and constipation. Bananas contain high levels of dietary fibers, which normalizes the digestive system and ensures smooth bowel movements. They also contain potassium that will restore important electrolytes that often gets depleted during diarrhea.

The potassium in bananas can lower blood pressure, and lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. The high levels of potassium also have positive effects on your bones and kidneys. A typical Western diet contains a lot of sodium, which can lead to an increase of calcium excretion in the urine. Bananas reduce the calcium excretion, which reduces the risk of kidney stones and improves bone strength.

Bananas have been proven to lower gastric acid levels and can help relieve symptoms of stomach ulcers. For the same reasons, bananas can also help those suffering from heartburn.

As you can see, bananas provide many health benefits, they are cheap to buy, and they taste great. They also contain a low number of calories, only 100 for a medium-sized banana. This makes them an excellent choice for snack if you are trying to lose weight.

Top 10 Fruits

All fruits are healthy and have separate health benefits. Every doctor recommends eating fruits on daily basis to have the right nutrition required for your body.

The video below shoes the top 10 fruits according to the benefits they provide. Hope you enjoy it.